wut the f*ck is a gay sunshine?

Inspired by the transgressive 1970s literary magazine of the same name, GAY SUNSHINE has a long term vision to help build a more interconnected queer community by collective exploration, whether through clothing, discussions, art shows, parties, workshops, etc.  This is where our greater gay efforts lie: developing unique ways to forge deeper connections, vulnerability, and transparency with you.

As consumers ourselves, we put real stock in quality which is why our offerings are made entirely out of sunny Los Angeles, California.  This affords us greater scope over the entire process so that when you choose to invest in us, we ensure the best possible output for you.

GAY SUNSHINE is working to build a tribe of support— one that doesn't judge or marginalize within our community, that searches for our shared commonalities, that can embrace and sidestep stereotypes, and one that offers more in-depth views into the many different sides of the queer experience.